Croatian autochthonous primitive cattle

Zoo Istria - In the Istrian area, the Croatian autochthonous primitive cattle inhabited by the local population are called Boškarin. The largest number of heads of this breed lives in the vicinity of Buje. It is a breed of firm constitution, very resistant and adapted to living conditions in this area. The weight of the cow is between 500 and 550 kg, and bulls 700 to 900 kg, but there are also weights weighing up to 1,000 kg. Milkiness is modest because during the home-breeders this property was of no importance. Thus, today Boškarin gives 800 to 1,200 liters of milk with 4.2% milk fat. Cattle are light gray to white, with horns that are white in color except black pebbles and have a lyrical shape. According to HPA data for 2013, 40 bulls of this breed, 720 cows and 442 head of female flock are cultivated in Croatia. The breed has a high status.